Digging deep for drought relief

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Digging deep for drought relief

Bid on a case of back vintages and exceptional wine.

HIGH BID: $250.00  
Bid by: Mike Mason

TEXT YOUR BID: 0408 855 272 with your name or "ANON"
BIDDING CLOSES: 7pm Sunday 26th August 2018

Purchase online and 20% is donated to the relief fund.

Sales contribution to date: 

$12 Judie Brown


Fundraiser details

The dry is marching inexorably south from New South Wales and Queensland, and our fellow farmers there are in great distress. We can't sit idly by. We have two fund-raiser activities for drought relief. 
At 919 Wines we are connected to the land, and our hearts go out to those who have been in drought for several years now. Farmers and their families put the welfare of their stock and the local wildlife ahead of their own well-being in many circumstances, and as their financial resources dwindle the communities around them suffer.
All the money raised will be donated to the CWA/NSW branch Drought Aid Program, where it will be distributed to families for their household bills. We have specifically selected this organisation as the money will stay within communities and supplement those families who are putting the welfare of animals first. For more information on the Drought Aid Program, go to https://www.cwaofnsw.org.au/droughtaid.html 

  • Option 1: Place a bid on our case of rare wine. All the money raised will go to the relief effort.
  • Option 2: Purchase a case of wine on our web store. 20% of the purchase price will be donated to the relief effort.

 See below for details.

Rare & exceptional wine auction: winemaker's private cellar

We have dug deep into our private cellar, and have pulled out the very last bottle of 919 2010 Durif (the last time this was available it sold within 30 seconds of going online) and the last bottle in captivity of the 2012 Shiraz. We have added 4 of our most awarded wines to make up a six pack.
The pack contains:


Bidding opens on publication. Bids will be published anonymously on our web page as they are received (so check the highest bid before you text!). Highest bid at 7pm on Sunday 26th August 2018 will be the successful bidder.
TEXT YOUR BID to 0408 855 272.

See current high bid at top of page. 

Percentage of online sales

We will donate 20% from all sales made through our on-line ordering system until 7pm on Sunday 26th August 2018. We will publish your name and contribution on our website (unless you ask for an anonymous donation). No code is necessary, it will happen automatically. 919 Wines will pay all the taxes. 


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