Dessert and fortified wines

Dry and appetising or rich, complex and luscious: there's a wine for every occasion.

Wine and food pairing suggestions

Pale Dry Apera with: gazpacho, roasted garlic soup, hot salted almonds, sardines, chilli-spiced olives.

Lambada: marmalade roly-poly, apricot pie, apple pudding.

Ruby: berry desserts, coffee, cheese, chocolate.

Vintage: eye fillet with port jus, beef en croûte

Classic tawny: baklava, derby pie, roasted chicken

Classic topaque: bacon, grilled figs with rosewater, sticky date pudding

Classic muscat: blue cheese and caramelised onion pasta, roasted pumpkin soup, christmas pudding.


Apera Cobbler cocktail:

2 muddled strawberries

2 slices each lemon, lime and orange

crushed ice

Pour over a serve of chilled Pale Dry Apera and enjoy!

This cocktail was created specifically for 919 Pale Dry Apera by Behind Bars.