Core values


We believe that our approach to viticulture and winemaking produces high quality wines that reflect our soil, climate and the grape varieties. We aim to continually improve our products, our service and our customer relationships.



We believe in building long-term relationships with our suppliers and our customers, based on shared goals and mutual understanding of business. 


We believe that we engender trust by behaving ethically in the marketplace, and by forming relationships with other businesses with similar ethical standards.

Environmental footprint

We believe that we are custodians of the environment, and that we have a responsibility to minimize the impact of our business activities on the natural world. We have implemented low water and organic grape production techniques to reduce chemical and water consumption. We minimize the use of processing aids to maximize wine flavour and reduce our process stream waste. We are certified organic so our customers can be assured that our product is free from chemical contamination.


We believe that by working with the land and climate we can produce wines that reflect the regional characteristics of the Riverland of South Australia. We are proud to acknowledge our regional and cultural heritage as winemakers and as a business, and have worked hard to raise the profile of the region’s wines. We are acknowledged as a Regional Ambassador by Wine Australia.