Why has Vintage Port disappeared from our shelves?

Why has Vintage Port disappeared from our shelves?

It hasn't! We now call this Vintage Fortified Wine, and it's better than ever! We only make this style in the very best years, when all the components are perfect.

Apart from several bursts of hot weather this summer, we have had a cooler growing season for our Riverland vineyards, resulting in fruit having excellent varietal expression and mouth-filling structure. 

It's a blend of 3 varieties, fortified with brandy during fermentation, which makes the wine slightly sweet and very complex. The resulting unique wine has great structure and length with harmonious fruit. This style ages exceptionally well in the bottle, which is why it is often purchased as a gift to celebrate a new baby, a wedding, birthday or anniversary. 

But why wait? All vintages currently on release are drinking exceptionally well, with fresh characteristics even in the more mature wines.

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