Certifications and Codes of Conduct

919 Wines holds organic certification with Southern Cross Certified for our grapes and our wine.

Our two vineyards produce certified organic fruit to the Australian Organic standard. This means we use no systemic fungicides, but instead use nutrient foliar sprays that we produce ourselves and sustainable farming practises.

Our winery is certified to produce certified organic wine. We make wine to the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand standard 4.5.1 and the Australian Organic Standard. We use minimal processing aids and preservative - just enough to bring you a product that is fresh and inviting without the addition of enhancers. Just plain, good old-fashioned winemaking.

Some of our products are not certified, but we still make them using organic growing and winemaking techniques. Our fortified wines are made using non-certified organic spirit, and our sparkling wine is made under contract by another processor.

Our certification number is SXC 20044.

Southern Cross Certification



Sustainable Winegrowing Australia

919 Wines has held associate membership of Entwine, and later Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, for its Ella Semmler’s Orchard vineyard since 2014-15. Since 8 August 2022, 919 Wines has been fully certified with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia for both vineyards and the winery.

Certification details:

919 Wines winery #01919

919 Vineyard and 809 Vineyard (Ella Semmler's Orchard) #00940

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia logo green

amfori BSCI Code of Conduct

919 Wines adheres to the principals of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative Code of Conduct for supply chain performance. This includes initiatives for no bonded or child labour, good work health and safety conditions, no discrimination, fair remuneration, and protection of the environment. 

Read more about amfori BSCI here.