Three Wise Women, Three Amazing Vineyards

27th March (Easter Sunday) Cellar door, 919 Hodges Rd Glossop

Three wine producers in one location!

Join Jenny Semmler, Pam Barich and Val Bassham as we present the organically grown, emerging variety wines from 919 Wines, Whistling Kite Wines and Bassham Wines. 

Entry is FREE, children are welcome. All day, 10am to 5pm.

28th March (Easter Monday) at three locations

Visit the three wise women in their natural habitats.

Jenny Semmler will host wine tastings at 919 Wines, 39 Hodges Rd Glossop.

Pam Barich will host wine tastings at 72 Freundt Rd New Residence. Details here.

Val Bassham will host wine tastings at 29 Bassham Rd Barmera. Details here.