Same wine, new name!

Same wine, new name!

For the past number of years 919 Wines has been making a creamy, textural, delicious white wine from a southern French variety called Petit Manseng. However, it turns out that this variety is actually a close relative, Gros Manseng (pronounced "Grow Mansan").

How did this happen?

The original source material for DNA testing for Petit Manseng which was distributed to a number of laboratories, originated from the CSIRO and it has been found that this source material is actually Gros Manseng. This was confirmed with testing in Montpelier France in 2019. 

What will 919 Wines do about this dilemma?

We will continue to make this wine and label it correctly as Gros Manseng because our customers love this wine, and it is also a style which is well suited to match with food.

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