Our tenth birthday celebrations

Thank you for joining us to celebrate our tenth birthday! We became a business on 19th November 2005, and held our tenth birthday party at the winery own Saturday 21st November 2015. We were pleased to host over forty people for a free spit roast, followed by our retrospective tasting. Eric opened a wine from every batch we have made since we started making wine in 2004, except for two, which were missing in action. Most of the reds were holding up really well, including some of the very earliest Durifs that we made. The Petit Manseng also proved itself to be a variety that ages well. The 2009, the very first vintage we made, was vibrant and honeyed, showing characteristics similar to some of the best aged Riesling styles. 

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our birthday with us. Our customers are treasured and respected, and it was an honour to have you as our guests.