Finding a cure for cancer - the Berri Bike Boys

Finding a cure for cancer - the Berri Bike Boys "Ride for a Cause"

919 Wines supports the Berri Bike Boys as they "ride for a cause" in the community challenge of the Tour Down Under. We have been promoting their fundraising efforts and making a contribution for the last few years. 

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, whether as a sufferer or they supportive friends and family. The Berri Bike Boys have been raising funds for the Cancer Council for the last few years, and have raised over a whopping $30,000 during that time.

We urge you to contribute to their fundraising efforts, by going to their donations page and pulling out your credit card. Be generous!

Here is the story of the Bike Boys - inspired after drinking a bottle of our 919 Durif I believe.

John Penna writes:

Once again the 919 Berri Bike Boys are showing that (Very) Old Men In Tights ( aka "Vomits") can do great deeds. For the 4th year we are up there raising money for the Cancer Council Riding for a Reason. Each year we have been one of the top fundraising teams. This year 10 of us are riding with some doing 142km and some 100km. Not bad for a bunch of social riders just out to have fun around the sunny Riverland only taking cycling up 5 years ago when most of us were in our mid 50s. We all have experiences with friends and relatives with cancer so the cause is close to our hearts. Give us a hand and donate to the team