We are still closed, but look forward to opening soon

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The government of South Australia has done an excellent job of managing the initial Covid-19 outbreak, and should be commended for their swift action. The Premier, Steve Marshall, has been an excellent communicator throughout the last few months, and has today eased some of the restrictions in the state, allowing people to move between regions, return to sport, and to dine seated outdoors to a maximum of 10 per venue, and without alcohol (so a dry argument there!). 

Mr Marshall has flagged that a further easing may occur in June if we continue to work together as a community, to continue to practise social distancing and good sanitation and hygiene, and not rush into "business as before". 

919 Wines anticipates we may be able to re-open about the long weekend in June, although we will probably have to act under some restrictions as determined by the Administrative Orders.

Your health and safety is our first concern, so we are changing the way we do things:

  1. We will ask all guests to sign in and out, just as if you were visiting a workplace.
  2. If we can only operate outside, we will ensure there is a lovely fire to keep you warm in the winter months.
  3. We continue to ask that you practise social distancing, observe venue limits and use exemplary hand-washing techniques. our CV-19 singalong playlist is available to help you time your wash duration.

Watch this space for further announcements. We hope to be able to see you soon!

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